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As I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy  “crash into me part 1 and part 2″, the show involved a white supremacist with a swastika tattoo on his stomach it occurred to me that people have no idea that the Jehovah’s Witnesses were also persecuted.  It saddens me to know that schools, educational institutions only teach what they want people to know. Then again it doesn’t surprise me that this is happening.

The swastika tattoo symbolizes those who wanted to kill black people back in the holocaust days.

A little bit regarding the swastika symbol: states that tattoo parlors are aiming to bring back the original meaning of the swastika – Buddhist and Hindu  “peace and love”.  The Nazis abused this symbol and turned it into a symbol of hate.

Now I know that a lot of people know about how the blacks were tortured as well as the homosexuals and Jews.  However, hardly ever does an educational institution inform people about the persecution of the Jehovah’s Witnesses by the Nazi’s. No! Do not even think for a minute that Jehovah’s Witnesses deserved persecution absolutely no one deserves to be tormented!!!

So basically Jehovah’s Witnesses refused to hail Hitler as it goes against their beliefs and is a denial of their faith in Jehovah – God.  Plus they maintain neutrality on political and military issues. They have a hope based on the Bible and complete trust in Jehovah. This enabled them to keep their integrity and courageously to follow the example of the apostles, who said: “We must obey God as ruler rather than men.” (Acts 5:29). The Nazi salute – is more than just a greeting – it signaled obedience to Adolf Hitler  - The various categories of prisoners in the [Nazi] camps carried special distinguishing marks,” explains the book Anatomy of the SS State. “The uniform system of marking introduced before the war consisted in sewing a triangular piece of material on to each prisoner’s uniform, the colour depending on his category: for political prisoners, red; for Jehovah’s Witnesses, purple; for anti-socials, black; for criminals, green; for homosexuals, pink; for emigrants, blue. In addition to the coloured triangle Jewish prisoners were made to wear a yellow triangle sewn on to the coloured triangle in such a way as to form the hexagonal Star of David.”

Purple Triangle

Purple Triangle

Picture sourced from:

Here is an you-tube video on an Award Winning untold story of World War 2, looking at the Nazi persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses as seen through the eyes of a schoolgirl –

Yes if you watched the video you will have seen that they were given a chance to escape the torture and prison provided that they signed a document renouncing their faith. The very fact that the overwhelming majority did not sign is testimony to the integrity of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yes you may argue why not just sign the documents and be free? But think of it this way to eat Pork is against a Muslim’s belief – How would a Muslim feel if they were held at gun point and told to eat pork. I am sure that they would feel like they have renounced their faith. I can not think of any other examples at the moment but I am sure there would be other instances where the freedom to believe in something / someone would be challenged.  Think about it now – if you live somewhere where you have freedom – how would you feel if the President told you to sign a piece of paper to give up your beliefs.

Before any replies get posted, take a note of what these two following websites state:  - “Determined to claim their First Amendment rights, Jehovah’s Witnesses waged a tenacious legal campaign that led to twenty-three Supreme Court rulings between 1938 and 1946.”  quotes ” Pause to consider the shameful persecution they suffered not too long ago, as well as the rich contribution they have made to the First Amendment freedoms we all enjoy.”

My intention of this post was to help create an awareness of the persecution of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the fact that many Educational Institutions will not even mention this part of history. I am certainly aware that there are many other topics in history which do not get mentioned as well.

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